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First 5 California 

First 5 California is an independent government organization funded by Proposition 10, with agencies in all California counties.  Proposition 10, the Children and Families Act, was strongly approved by California voters in 1998.  Voters created a 50-cent tax on cigarettes which provides greatly needed funds to support children in their earliest years, as well as provides services to help adults to stop smoking.  The revenue from this tax is distributed to all counties in proportion to their birth rates. Small counties like Sierra County, receive a base allocation, much higher than their birth rate distribution, in order to be able to provide services along with other California counties for the health, education and well being of our youngest children and their families. Sierra County Children and Families Commission was established in 2000 and continues to assess the highest needs of Sierra County’s youngest children and their families and to fund effective program services to address those identified needs. 


First 5 Sierra will effectively implement Proposition 10 funding for improvement of the health, school readiness and well being of Sierra County’s prenatal to five year olds and their families.

Vision Statement

First 5 Sierra envisions a continuum of appropriate and integrated health, education and recreational support services from prenatal to old age for a balanced and sustainable Sierra County community.

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