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Free Preschool

First 5 Sierra pays tuition for 3-5 year olds of Sierra County to attend preschool 3 hours per day, three days a week, 42 weeks a year at licensed preschools in Sierra County.


A central and ongoing effort of First 5 Sierra involved planning, construction and management of a safe and efficient childcare facility.  In 2009, First 5 Sierra built a new childcare facility on public school property adjacent to the Loyalton Elementary School. The center coordinates family transportation with the elementary school, offers afterschool care and coordinates special education services.  Sierra Kids Child Development Center, the only licensed childcare center in the county, leases the facility.


First 5 Sierra provides a subsidy to two licensed childcare programs that allows them to provide high quality preschool and childcare at an affordable rate for Sierra County residents.  The amount of subsidy is based on program size and allows centers to offer adequate staff and facilities for school readiness with trained teachers and strong, evidence-based curriculum.

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